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Hey there! Are you ready to hear why working out is so awesome for teens? Not only does it help keep them in great shape, but it also has a impact on their mental health, reducing stress and anxiety. So let's get pumped encourage our teens to make exercise a part of their daily routine for a, healthier life!


June 18th - July 18th

Join Certified Trainer and Doyenne Coach Serenity every Tuesday & Thursdays from 10am - 11:30am! 

Our camp offers a variety of activities such as Powerlifting, strength training, and Dynamic stretching. Our experienced instructors provide personalized instruction to help teens reach their individual fitness goals. Our camp also provides nutrition guidance and healthy eating tips. Teens will leave camp feeling confident in their fitness abilities and empowered to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sign up today for a chance to make lasting positive changes.

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