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Barbell "Butt-Lift" 8 Week Program

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You've been waiting for it.. and it's finally here! 🔥 Start building bigger glutes and strengthening your entire lower body with the NEW 8-week, "BBL" (Barbell Butt Lift) program!🍑 Whether your goal is to create more size in your glutes, increase your overall lower body strength, or you want to focus on the very best glute movements for it all, this program will provide you with the most highly effective movements created for those goals in mind‼️ Complete with video demonstrations on proper form, voiceovers to provide extra guidance on technique, and descriptions to ensure you make the most of your training - you will start seeing legitimate glute, and leg growth plus more strength when you join this program. No more spinning your wheels in the gym, or not knowing how "much" or "what" to do‼️ Aren't ready for the barbell yet? Every movement in the program requiring a barbell can be modified with dumbbells or body weight, with video demonstrations for each modification! Start reaching your goals and seeing the results you've been waiting for! Join the program today! 🍑 PLEASE NOTE: This digital product is an 8-week, unsupervised, strength training workout program. This program does not include form check evaluations. DISCLAIMER: Results with this program may vary. Exercise and proper diet are also necessary to achieve and maintain proper muscle growth and health. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any fitness program!

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