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We believe in your success! Doyenne Personal Trainers are well-trained, educated and certified to take your Fitness and Health to the next level.



Hi! I’m Coach Tashay and I’ve been a dance instructor, personal trainer, and fitness coach for the greater part of my 20’s. As I've grown in these different roles, I've learned to appreciate and communicate the importance of fitness for our long term health and quality of life, and not just aesthetics. Strength training and martial arts are two incredibly empowering fitness activities and I have the privilege of introducing women to both of these with the outcome of improving their strength, confidence, and quality of life. Message me to get started!

call or text 559-709-4778


My fitness journey started as far back as grade school. I grew up as a competitive athlete and have since continued to compete in a variety of competitions in order to test my physical strength and limits. I became a trainer because i recognize by maintaining  a healthy and active  lifestyle anyone can improve their quality of life. My passion for helping others and getting them healthier and happeir has only grown since then. I am NASM certified trainer with a background in strength training, functional fitness, use of free weights, barbells and body weight. My goal as a trainer is to guide you and help you find the best type of exercise you like in order for you to maintain an active lifestyle. Together, I will make sure you succeed.



Training is more than just working out, it’s becoming the best version of yourself! Hi, I'm Sierra. I’m a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. I have been coaching fitness and yoga for 5 years. As your trainer I strive to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle and create programs you can adhere to. I specialize in strength training, body building, barbell, and functional fitness. I also offer yoga/mindfulness, mobility/flexibility, and meditation sessions. No matter what your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle. I can help you attain confidence within yourself. Contact me for in person and remote training!



Hey hi HELLO I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alexandria but you could call me Coach Alex.

I have six years of personal training and pro/elite athlete experience with multiple certifications, including nutrition specialist, ISSA certified personal trainer, certified flexibility instructor, and certified online coach. 

I’m very passionate about helping others find happiness in life and feel good about themselves. I believe that when you FEEL GOOD, you excel in life.
For me, a healthy lifestyle is much more than just lifting weights. It’s about stretching, warming up, cardiovascular health, breath work, ice therapy, mental therapy, healing, eating healthy, and getting necessary rest and enough sleep. I love helping others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work.




Hiii! My name is Taylor and I am a certified personal trainer and lead coach of Glute Camp! Since 2020, I have been helping women build long-lasting confidence while achieving their fitness and nutrition goals. I helped myself lose 120lbs naturally by slowly building a healthier lifestyle inside the gym and out, and I know that if I was able to do it, any woman can! My ultimate goal is to help as many women build thriving, happier lifestyles for themselves while simultaneously building strength, knowledge, and confidence all at the same! Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, build muscle, recomposition, or just enjoy your fitness, I offer one on one coaching, online training, nutrition plans, or join one of my classes at Glute Camp! Hope to meet you soon, and wishing you a warm welcome to our home!



Let me help you get strong! Specializing in Power training. Let's learn how to Barbell Squat, Bench and Deadlift with the goal to hit New Personal Records! Remote training only available. 


call or text: 559-375-6656

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