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5 Day Strength Training

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Welcome to Doyenne's 5 day Strength training program. A few things to keep in mind when training. * 3x10 (this means you have 3 sets of 10 reps) * 3x10-15 ( this means you have a range of 10 to 15 reps that you can go up to) * Rest time average is 30-60 seconds, and on heavy sets rest time can increase up to 1-3 minutes. * working set: Reps start when you hit your working set. for example: if you do a set of bicep curls at 5lbs and the program says 10 reps and you get to 10 reps and it was too easy so you grab 10lb weight instead. Your working set starts at 10lbs, the set at 5lbs does not count. that was a warm up set. * warm up set: this is the light weight you use before getting to your working set. *Slow and Controlled movements, your reps do not have to be rushed, it is not a race. take your time engaging your muscles and bracing your core through each movement. Remember, be intentional in your movements. and each week attempt to increase your reps or weight.

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